Extended school day is available from as early as 6:30 A.M. until 5:30 P.M.  See the Student Tuition and Fees section for financial details. A surcharge will be made for each child not picked up by 5:30 P.M.
Parents taking advantage of our extended school day are reminded that this is available on regular school days only, not during any school holidays.  
School closings and delays will be posted on the school website, television stations WBTV-3, WSOC-9 and on AM Radio Gospel 900.
For the welfare of your child and others in the school, all children who are sick must be kept at home.  When the child is well enough to participate in a normal school day, he may return.  If a child is to receive any medication during the school day, the parent must send a note to the teacher.
If your child requires medication during school hours and we do not have signed authorization, it will be necessary for you to stop by and personally give it to him.  The office cannot administer pain relievers without parental permission. Students are not to share medicines and pain relievers with other students.
Every parent is requested to attend each meeting for the benefit of his child and to obtain pertinent information concerning the school program.  
During the month of March presently enrolled students may enroll for the fall term on a first-come, first-served basis.  Heritage Christian School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.
Please feel free to consult with the school office regarding any problems or questions that concern your child.  It is the desire of the administration and the faculty to be of service to both parent and students, and each teacher welcomes a visit from any parent.  Such conferences should be made by definite appointment with the teacher at a convenient after-school hour.

If you need to talk with a member of the faculty, please call the school office between  8 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible after school. You may leave a voice-mail or email message for teachers.

If for any reason you become dissatisfied with the school, please seek first to resolve the matter with the person involved.  Usually a problem can be resolved with a short conversation with the teacher or person involved.  A parent’s recourse is to see the teacher first.  If the situation is not resolved with the teacher, the parent should see the Supervisor, and then the Administrator.   If the problem is still unresolved  the parent may request to meet with the school board.
Be careful not to criticize a teacher or staff member in front of your child, as this will cause discipline problems for the child later. Please remember that it is never appropriate to discuss any problem with other parents.  Take the problem directly to those who are in charge.’
Money should always be sent in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and the amount and purpose on the outside of the envelope.
Tardies are disruptive to the classroom and also have an adverse effect on your child’s educational progress.  When a student is marked tardy two days in any grading period,  he will receive a detention, and that student will need to make up work that was missed.
Students are permitted to use the school telephone in cases of emergency.  Students may not accept phone calls at school.
Parents are requested to stop by the office if they need to leave something for the student or teacher or if they have to pick up the student.  Please do not go directly to the classroom, as this interrupts the teaching.
All withdrawals from school must go through the school office. It is not our policy to prorate tuition for withdrawals.

When a child has been absent, he should bring a written note when he returns to school.  The only excused absences are:
a. Student illness
b. Death in the immediate family
c. Doctor and dentist appointments.
Students are responsible to make up quizzes, tests, and all missed work within two days of their return to school after an absence of three days or more. After an absence of one or two days, students are responsible to make up all missed work on the day they return to school.
Family vacations and trips should be scheduled during school vacations since it is often difficult for a child to make up work missed during an absence. Should it be necessary for a student to miss school for personal reasons, please procure permission from the administration several days in advance.


Any student who is absent 16 days or more may be in jeopardy of not passing the school year, or may be required to attend summer school.   Students who are absent for 16 days excused or unexcused may be required to make time up during exam week regardless of their grade average. Exceptions may be made for extended illnesses or hospitalization.
In order for an elementary student to be counted present for the school day, a student must attend class until 11:30 or if tardy, arrive at school before 11:30. Secondary students attendance is by class period and not by school day.


If you wish to obtain assignments for a student who is ill, you must contact the office by 11:00 a.m.  You may wish to leave a message on the teacher’s voicemail or email address. The assignments may be picked up in the office after school.
Any time an address or phone number (home or work) is changed, please notify the school office.
Bible study is recognized here as of fundamental importance and is a required subject.  It augments the study of English, history, geography, and science. Without a knowledge of Biblical truth a student cannot be considered educated.  The Bible gives direction for this life and the only hope for the life to come. No other book can so enrich the minds and hearts of men as “The Book of Books.”
A knowledge of the Bible is one of the greatest educational assets any man can have in addition to the moral and spiritual values resulting from the study. Character development is the most important work of a school.  No other course offered in the school affords the great opportunities for laying the foundation for Christian character.  


Heritage Christian School uses the King James Version for classroom instruction.
Effective classroom discipline is a necessary key ingredient for a good learning environment.  Discipline at Heritage is not only to achieve this goal but also to help our students learn self-discipline and good character traits.  In order to maintain a good learning environment, we expect students to conduct themselves appropriately.  The teacher is responsible to maintain appropriate classroom behavior.  Certain behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  The following is not a complete list but is representative of unacceptable behavior: talking without permission, failure to complete assigned work, fighting, lying, stealing, disrespect, cursing, forging another’s name, cheating, deliberately damaging school and/or another’s property.  Heritage Christian School expects full cooperation from both student and parent in the education of the student.
Corrective Measures: When misconduct occurs, corrective measures will be used to help the student change his/her behavior and attitude.  Should a student not stay after school, this will result in a conference with the administrator and additional disciplinary action.  Students can be suspended for an accumulation of after-schools and for major behavioral problems. When the school feels that student/parent cooperation is lacking the student may be requested to transfer out.  Also, if the behavior of the student indicates an uncooperative spirit, he may be requested to transfer.


Students at Heritage Christian School wear a school uniform.  Outfitters Uniforms is the exclusive vendor for our uniforms. Their store is located just off Highway 321 beside Dollar General and behind Wendy's.
Girls may not wear shorts on school grounds or any school sponsored extra-curricular activities, including ball games, field trips, or class parties. Excessive jewelry may not be worn to school.  Girls may wear only one small earring per ear and should not wear anklets.  Girls may not have their hair cut in a short, masculine style.  Athletic style shorts may be worn only when participating in a ball game or P. E. They should be mid-knee length and loose fitting.
Boys uniform pants must be neat with an appropriate fit.  Boys are required to wear belts.   No shirts are allowed under the uniform shirt except a normal, white T-shirt.  Young men are not allowed to wear chains, earrings, or other similar jewelry. Boys’ hair should be neatly trimmed and tapered over the ears and at the back of the neck.  This means the hair should not be on the ears, excessively bushy, turned up on the ends due to length, on the collar, on the eyebrows, or bowl cut. Boys may not bleach their hair.  Boys may not have beards, mustaches, or sideburns longer than the bottom of the ear.
Boys and Girls must wear shoes and socks (or nylons for girls) in all classes.  Flip flops or backless shoes are not allowed as they are not safe for maneuvering stairways. Students are required to keep shoelaces tied.  Hats or caps are not to be worn inside the buildings and should not be worn backwards on the school campus.  Students may not wear any type of stick-on, temporary, or permanent tattoo.  Shirts must be tucked except when a student is participating in physical education.  Girls’ shirts may drape over the waistband modestly. If a student needs to wear a coat in class, it must be a school approved apparel item.
Parents and visitors are asked to support  the spirit of modesty when coming into the school buildings.  This includes when picking up children unless the parent is staying in his vehicle.  
Important:  The school administration reserves the right to initiate policies on new fads and changes in style during the school year.
A. Students are not allowed to bring electronic devices to school unless approved by school administration.  Any student who violates this rule will be subject to discipline.
B. Any use or distribution of drugs or alcohol will result in immediate dismissal  from school until reviewed by the School Board.
C. Any use of tobacco products will result in suspension on the first offense and expulsion on the second offense.  This applies to use on or off campus.
D. Any student participating in items one through six below will be dismissed until reviewed by the School Board.

1. Bringing firearms or knives to school
2. Active participation in the vandalism or destruction of school or private property
3. Possession or use of any alcoholic beverage
4. Possession or use of marijuana or illegal narcotics
5. Pregnancy or marriage
E. Students are expected to hold forth a good testimony at home and in public, as well as in school.  Any student who brings reproach upon the school by ungodly or improper behavior in public may be suspended or expelled from school.
F. Lying, stealing, cheating (or giving the appearance of cheating), helping another student to cheat, disrespect, and deliberate destruction of property are serious offenses.  Prompt, appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken.
G. Vulgar language, swearing, using God’s or Christ’s name irreverently, or off-color implications will not be allowed.  Students should refrain from the use of words like gosh, golly, gee, fag, queer, etc.  Un-Christian slang, slurs, or name-calling will not be permitted.  We also ask our students not to make disparaging remarks about another student or race.  
H. When students arrive in the morning, they may not loiter in their cars.  Students may not loiter behind the gymnasium or in the student parking area or in any unchaperoned area.
I. Students may not leave campus without permission from the office.  
J. Electronic devices, magazines, games, gaming devices, cards, etc. should not be brought to school without permission.  Cell phones must remain in lockers or cars during school hours.  Cell phones are not permitted to be visible, heard, or used in any manner during school hours including lunch and passing periods except by approval of school authorities.  Any violation will result in the confiscation of the item.  Parents may pick up the confiscated item in the office after school hours. School administration reserves the right to review all text messages, photo images or electronic data on confiscated cell phones or other electronic devices. The school is not responsible for loss of theft of any items whether confiscated or in the student’s possession. Cameras and laptop computers many not be used on campus without prior permission from the school.
K. Students may not bring guns, knives, sling shots, or any other  potential weapon to school.
L. Couples must be under adult supervision at all times.
M. Physical contact such as tickling, slapping, flipping, holding hands, hugging, kissing, or other similar contact is not allowed on campus, at school functions, or on school vehicles.
These rules also apply when a student is with a friend who is not a student at Heritage Christian School.

Other Rules of Conduct
There is to be no running, throwing, chasing, picking, scuffling, yelling, or sliding on the rails. Students must have a pass when classes are in session to go to the restroom or office. Students should talk softly while classes are in session.
Students not purchasing hot lunch should carry their lunch from home.  It is requested that parents not bring fast food for students and leave in the office.  
No street shoes are allowed on the gymnasium floor, and tennis shoes should be free of dirt and grit.  Tennis shoes must have non-marking soles. Soccer shoes may not be worn inside the gymnasium. Horseplay and scuffling are not allowed inside the gymnasium. Students, parents, and other guests should never boo, jeer, or criticize other teams, their fans, or the referees. Students are not allowed to be in the gymnasium  or in the parking lot after school without permission and supervision.
Heritage Christian School provides computer network access for junior and senior high students and Internet access for its senior high school students. This service allows students to share information, learn new concepts, and research diverse subjects. Heritage has adopted an Acceptable Use Policy to set guidelines for accessing the computer network or the Internet service provided by Heritage Christian School. Every year, students who want computer network and Internet access for that upcoming school year must sign and submit a copy of the Policy to the school. Students also must have their parents or guardians sign this Policy. By signing this agreement, the student and parent or guardian agree to follow the rules set forth in this Policy and to report any misuse of the computer network or the Internet to a teacher or supervisor. Parties agreeing to this policy also understand that Heritage Christian School may revise the Acceptable Use Policy, as it deems necessary. Heritage will provide notice of any changes either by posting such a revised version of the Policy on its web site or by providing written notice to the students and parents or guardians.
Use of the electronic information resources in the school shall be to improve and support the educational process by providing access to global information. The use of the Internet and computer equipment within Heritage Christian School is a privilege. Violation of this policy can result in the loss of computer access privileges, detention and/or suspension.

Extra Curricular Activities
Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege and carries with it certain responsibilities.  The student is a representative of Heritage Christian School and his attitudes and actions should glorify the Lord at all times.
Heritage Christian School is a member of the Carolina State Athletic Association. Students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to participate in girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball and golf.
1. Athletes who miss any period of school due to illness will not be allowed to practice or play that afternoon or evening.
2. Students must maintain a “C” average with no more than one “F” to participate in extracurricular activities.  The faculty and administration  may allow a student with less than a “C” average to participate after considering the following areas:
A. Academic ability
B. Attitude and behavior
C. Promptness in turning in assignments
D. Class participation and effort
3. Students who join a team or club have an obligation to that group and are to be present at all of its activities unless they are sick or excused by the coach or the administration.
4. Athletes are expected to get all of their assignments, make up all tests, and turn in homework that is due before they leave for a game.  They are responsible for all assignments and tests that are due the following day.
5. All participating members of a team or group are expected to ride in the school bus/van or with their parents to any activity away from school.  Students who ride the school vehicle to away games must also ride the school vehicle to return to school unless they have been picked up by their parents.  A student may not ride with someone else’s parent.
6. It is a privilege to be an athlete.  Those who accept such a position must have a testimony concerning their salvation that is demonstrated in their personal lives.  They are to be an example to other students in their behavior both in and out of class.
Students in grades 3-6 may participate in the Elementary Chorus.  Theory classes are offered for 3rd and 4th grades.
School Chorus is offered as an elective for students in junior high and high school.  Students enjoy the opportunity of learning songs from various genres of music.  Students who choose to participate in chorus are expected to be at all practices and to attend all performances.  Failure to attend a performance will cause the student’s grade to be lowered significantly.
Students in 4th through 12th grades have the opportunity to be in the school band.  Various wind instruments are offered as well as percussion.  High school students receive elective credit for this course which meets two days per week.  Band members are also expected to attend all performances.