Welcome to Heritage Christian School Admissions!  You are to be commended for your diligence in researching the best possible educational setting for your child.  It is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.


Today’s young people need a consistent philosophy of life presented to them at home, in the church and at school.  Heritage Christian School teachers and staff are dedicated Christian professionals committed to work with the minds and hearts of young people teaching them to think, learn and live from a Biblical worldview.  Heritage Christian School is a college preparatory school dedicated to the highest academic standards, inspiring young people to lead by uniting faith, intellect and gifts to reach their greatest promise.  Rigorous academics, distinctive programs, spiritual life and award-winning music and athletic programs challenge students who, supported by caring teachers, mentors and role models, rise to meet those challenges.


Once you feel comfortable that Heritage Christian School would be a good mission match for your family, I invite you to begin the application process. 


Coleman Hamby,